Teri-Ann's Yoga Practice


Teri-Ann is a yoga practitioner and teacher whose love of the philosophy of yoga permeates all of her classes and her life. She believes that your mind, body, and your spirit are all connected through the practice of yoga and meditation.



Teri-Ann leads traditional classes in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, restorative, Chakra flow, Bhakti  and meditation at several studios in Toronto. She recently introduced a hybrid of Vinyasa and Yin (dubbed Vinyin) at the midtown location of IAM Yoga after studying with Allison Eaton at Yandara Yoga in Baja, Mexico.   

Teri-Ann has had the pleasure of working with and learning from countless teachers over the years and believes that everyone she encounters has something to teach her. After taking a mind blowing workshop on Tantric philosophy with Todd Norian, Sally Kempton and Douglas Brooks, Teri-Ann came to understand that the study of the various aspects of yoga is a life long endeavour that will continually inspire her and feed her curious mind.


She has practiced Sivananda yoga, Ashtanga, Kundalini but Hatha Vinyasa is what she loves to practice and share with her students.

Teri-Ann’s offers private classes and is also on the regular schedules at IAM Yoga and Kula Annex.