Me and My Altar

I’ve had an altar of sorts for many years now but only since last Autumn did I make an effort to build it giving all of my crystals a home to live in. I started small with a couple of my favourite stones. Going thru a tumultuous time in the fall of 2016 I started to lean on the power of crystals to add to my meditation practice.  I bought malachite, and blue calcite as my first 2 rocks and now my collection includes, amythest, smoky, rose and clear quartz, sodalite and many more.  My altar has grown in other ways as well.  Many years ago I went to the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas.  I   bought a 1 inch statue of Ganesha.  He was my first deity.  I called on him in meditations and daily life to help remove obstacles.  I had a great deal of obstacles to get thru…My second statue was of Buddha, because Buddha (for me) stands for peace, resilience, and the path less travelled. My last statue was of Green Tara. Known as the female Buddha she represents (to me) compassion and enlightenment.  Cutting the ties of what no longer serves and issuing in the strength when you need her.  My altar also includes books.  I have been reading Meditations From the Mat by Rolf Gates just after waking to set me for the day.  I have palo Santo, sage, candles and incense to add to my and my partners experience.  

Having an altar is a part of my daily practice.  It will grow with time, it will change as I change.  It always brings a smile to my face even on the harder days and gives me the energy and lift I need when I am depleted.  My spiritual practice is mine and very personal to me however I do enjoy sharing it especially with my partner.  He has cultivated this altar with me.  Very fortunate to have met a open-minded man who is curious about his own spiritual journey. 

I will take a couple pieces of my altar to Mexico to create a little space in my tent.  This idea actually came to me while typing this.  Building a mini altar in my tent will be a good way to connect to my higher self before shutting my eyes.  I can pray, meditate and feel the power of love come thru.