Thank you

I woke up this morning and like every morning I said thank you. First. Before putting my feet on the floor. Before checking my phone or drinking lemon water. THANK YOU. Some mornings are easier to get into the groove than others. So many variables to consider but one thing I know for sure is that what you put out you are sure to get back. With the spirit of gratitude I set down to meditate. My affirmation this morning went something like this.. I align my will with the Devine and move forward with confidence and clarity.  I  am very grateful for my spiritual practice. I don't know where I'd be without it. I am still learning, still putting my words and thoughts into action. But it's working!  Everyday is different but One thing will remain the same. I will continue on this spiritual journey and share about my experience as often as possible. Namaste friends🙏🏼