Morning Meditations

This morning I woke up to a grey and rainy day. Perfect for sleeping but Hazel the cat had other plans for me. Silly kitty.. I padded around my house, drank my lemn water and grabbed my stones. Ever since my magical time in Bali I have been gravitating toward crystals. I had an amazing experience with a beautiful woman in Ubud who not only collected crystals but does readings with them too. She believes they speak to her and after my reading I became a believer too. This morning I picked up two of the crystals I've been working with and got to meditating. Inhaling and exhaling, breathing in and breathing out. Meditation doesn't have to be complicated. It all starts with the breath. People ask me all the time how I "do it"? And the simplest answer to that is just breathe. You don't have to try to clear your mind because all of our minds wander. We all have thoughts that come to us when we meditate. She practice is acknowledging them and letting them go. Coming back to the breath. It's really that simple. Start with 5 minutes and work from there. It truly has changed my life. Life still gets messy, complicated and tough but when you have your meditation practice to turn too life's curveballs become easier to manage. It's not that life changes, but how you react to it does. Take 5 minutes or whatever you can allow. Just breathe🙏🏼