What do "they" always say?  Third times the charm?  I have been working on this first blog post since November 11th.  I had it done yesterday.  I re-read it and with a press of a button it was gone.  100% intentional.  This morning was the same thing.  I just wasn't happy with how I was presenting myself for the first time so here I go again.  With my belly full of this gorgeous bowl of oats I will tell you why I have decided to start this blog.

In the past 4 years I have been working on giving my life a major overhaul from the INSIDE OUT.  It started with staying sober, but it has morphed into so much more.  It has been a gradual transformation but a formidable one.  I have been asked several times in the past couple of years if I had a food blog but never had the time.  Well, I have recently re-arranged my life to focus more on me.  So here it is.  MY blog will be a daily/weekly showing of what is happening in my life and in my kitchen.  I hope to inspire people to make positive changes in there lives.  If I can do it, anyone can.  I hope you enjoy the read and all the pictures.  Stay tuned!!