Who is Teri-Ann?


Teri-Ann is many things.  



She is a yogini, a woman in recovery from alcoholism, a vegan committed to creating nutritious and beautiful home cooking, and a food photographer. She aspires to be the best version of herself and wants to inspire others to achieve the same.

Teri-Ann has been teaching yoga since 2015 but has been practicing since being introduced by her movement teacher in theatre school in 1997.  She took her 200 hour teacher training at Yandara yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico in March 2015 after deciding to take the plunge into teaching and she hasn’t looked back since.  

Teri-Ann has practiced and gained experience all around the world and her sense of community has expanded to include India, Bali, the United States, Thailand, Australia, the UK and of course Canada.  Teri returned to the Yandara Yoga Institute in the spring of 2018 to work on a 300 hour advanced teacher training and she hopes to complete her post class work by the summer.

In 2012, she took her life back from the grips of a debilitating addiction to alcohol and drugs.  With the help of Alcoholics Anonymous and yoga she was able to start on the road to recovery.  Today, she still attends meetings, does service when she can and offers yoga and meditation  workshops for people in recovery. Teri-Ann’s experience in turning her life around has taught her compassion and love for people (and animals) in all stages and walks of life. 

She started down the road to a vegan lifestyle shortly after starting her recovery process. It began as a means to improving her health but, over time, as she understood more about where her food was coming from she decided that animals should be friends and not food. Her resolve has only been hardened by her love of Mother Earth.


Teri-Ann loves taking pictures and since she also loves cooking and eating delicious food, she has combined the two interests into an Instagram feed featuring her work in these areas. She has amassed a committed following who love to see her daily food shots as well as read about her spiritual and intellectual journey. 

Teri-Ann uses her yoga classes, her web page and blog, as well as her Instagram feed as her vehicle to discuss her life of yoga, recovery, and love of food and nutrition. In late summer of 2018, Teri-Ann will begin offering retreats that will focus on health and wellness via the same themes as the rest of her offerings.

Teri-Ann lives in downtown Toronto where she teaches yoga full-time at IAM Yoga and Kula Yoga and privately.